Temporary Video Problems

I’m having some problems with the crosslinking of videos from the site that I have host them to this site, which is causing a bit of grief for me, and probably quite a bit for you as well, for which I am sorry if you have been experiencing it.

I am trying to get the problem rectified as soon as possible.  The videos still work, but the thumbnails are missing (other than Episodes 51 and 52 where I have manually re-created the thumbnails).

In the meantime, your best bet is to do the right-click and save the video to your computer before watching, or even better, subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, and let it manage the downloading of episodes for you (which is how I manage it).

Unlike some of the US based blogs, I don’t run the videos inline because Australia’s internet is just too slow for proper Web 2.0 applications.  I downloaded the current video in mp4 format in 30 minutes tonight on a 512k ADSL ‘broadband’

If you need help working out how to watch the videos, please let me know and I’ll help as I can.

Also, as suggested recently (and to that person- sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, life has been very chaotic recently, and a lot of things have slipped), some people may not want to download the movies for whatever reason.  I’m considering offering backissues of movies on DVD media (still needing to be played on the computer) for a small cost (to cover postage and the DVD itself).  If you would be interested in this service, check the appropriate response in the following survey, and I’ll decide how I will approach the issue based on the responses.

2 Responses

    • Thanks for the reminder – I’ve used Torrents in the past (pre Stu’s Shed) for video distribution and if the current issues continue it may be worth considering. The problem I’ve found is the vast majority of people don’t understand enough of the torrent concept / method for it to be adopted widely.

      P2P distribution has definite benefits for those who know how to use them!

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