The following is a list of woodworking related publications where articles I have written have made an appearance.

It is not comprehensive – I have lost track of all the articles over the years, so if you find one I’ve missed, please let me know!

2015 88 AWR
  • Review Torque CNC 9060
2015 8/15 plane
  • Sopwith Camel Ride-on Toy

A model toy, designed to be ridden, used as a rocking horse or swing, inspired by the famous plane from WW1

2015 6/15 shed
  • Coin Collecting Cabinet

Using CNC and non-CNC techniques to produce a 1200 coin storage cabinet

2015 87 AWR
  • CNC Machining

Introduction to a series of articles on small-scale CNC routing for the workshop

2015 15 msmay15
  • Butterfly Clock

Using a router to create a monarch butterfly from inlaid timbers, and turning it into a stylish clock

2015 4/15 tsapr15
  • Weather Station

Using CNC and non-CNC techniques to create a carved weather station

2015 2/15 tsfeb15
  • Tambour Sun Lounge

Possibly the world’s first outdoor lounge furniture, constructed from tambour slats

2014 12/14 tsdec14
  • BBQ Trolley

Keeping your sauces, tools, and beer sorted for BBQing

2014 14 ms414
  • Pen Turning

Six Steps to turning wooden pens

2014 10/14 tsoct14
  • Charging Station

Storing your iDevice, and charging it while hiding the cables

2014 8/14 TheShed3
  • Router Bowl

Making a bowl without a lathe

2014 13 ManSpace13
  • So you want a shed

Part 3 of 3 on the fitout of the shed, lighting, power, dust filtering etc

  • One Hundred and Eighty

Building a dartboard cabinet for the shed

2014 12 manspace
  • So you want a shed

Part 2 of 3 on the construction of the shed, from slab to lockup

  • Kerfing

Bending timber with the kerfing technique

2014 6/14 shed
  • Radial Coffee Table

Using recycled timber to make a radial patterned coffee table

2014 11 20140502-231255
  • So you want a shed

Part 1 of 3 on sourcing, getting approvals for and designing a shed

  • In the nick of time

Detailed view of the SawStop

2013 4/14 April___May_2014_533496bf9b7e7
  • Make a simple wooden truck

There is something about timber toys that no other material can match.

2013 10 943703_640935699261518_99367710_n
  • Rocking Horse

6 Steps to making a traditional rocking horse

  • Carve and Create

CNC routing in the woodworking workshop

  • iPad Mini

Gift ideas review

  • GoPro

Gift ideas review

  • Node+

Gift ideas review

2013 9 4
  • The Toys of Imagination

Creating traditional wooden vehicles using a few simple tools

  • The Double-Edged Winner

Assembling a knife kit to create a treasured kitchen tool

  • The Power Generation

Review of the Promac petrol generator

2013 8 3
  • Sharpening Drillbits

A look at the Drill Doctor, and the Tormek DBS22

  • Portable woodturner

Review of the Nova Comet II

  • Creating a child’s chalkboard

Making a kid’s chalkboard

2013 7 2
  • The Melamine Dilemma

Amana Tool Melamine blade from

  • Shaping Timber

TURBOPlane from Arbortech

  • Do you see what I see

Borescope that wirelessly transmits images to iDevices

  • Sliding Doors

A step by step on using the Tambour door router bits

2012 6 1
  • Cutting Corners

Using the Gifkins dovetail

  • The Beauty of Wooden Toys

The place traditional wooden toys can still occupy in a modern toybox

2012 5
  • From Timber to Table

Creating a table from raw timber through to the final product

  • Not All Bits are Created Equal

A discussion of the various types of router bits and their use

2012 4
  • Woodworkers: Architects of Society

A whimsical look at woodworking through the ages

  • It All Hinges on This

Making wooden hinges with the Incra Hingecrafter

  • Digitising the Workshop

Various digital gauges for modernising tools

2012 161
  • Torque Workcentre: Universal Machine

An article showing the versatility of the Torque Workcentre

2012 3
  • True Grit

Mixing and matching different abrasive systems when sharpening

  • Circle Work

Different methods for cutting circles

2011 2
  • Quick Drawers

Creating drawer liners from memory foam

  • Torque the Talk

An overview of the Torque Workcentre

  • Solution with Teeth

The Flai Mustang – able to cut wood, aluminium and steel with ease

2011 1
  • Adaptable Workbench

An overview of the Walko Workbench

  • Clever Little Sharpener

Using the DMT Aligner to sharpen knives

  • Swiss Army Knife of Power Tools

Comparing various high speed oscillating tools

2010 68
  • Jet DC650TS Dust Extractor

Product review

2009 65
  • Mustarka Rabbeting Set

Creating a table from raw

  • The Grip Test

Review of various handclamps on the market

2009 64
  • Panel Clamps

Review of the different panel clamps on the market

2008 61
  • Excalibur EX21

Product review

2008 60
  • Pro Drill Press Table

Product review

2006 76
  • Triton Router Table – Microadjusters

Product instruction

  • Triton Router Table – False Top

Jig/modification to the router table

  • Triton 18V Drill

Product review

  • Triton Steel Cutter

Product review

  • The Dog House that Triton Built

Elaborate Triton project

2006 4
  • Cubby House Stove and Sink


2005 75
  • Triton Biscuit Jointer – Mid Panel Joints


  • A Triton Kitchen


  • Router Mounting Markings

Tips and tricks

  • Dust Mask Quick Release

Product mod

  • Router Mounting Plate

Product mod

  • Fat Wheels

Product mod

2004 74
  • Triton Biscuit Jointer – Basic Use


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