Triton Project Plans

When Triton was still a company in its own right, and the Mark 3 workbench (the model before the current WC2000 (and its minor improvements)), there was an associated Project Book.  This was released for public distribution by Triton a couple of years back, but once GMC collapsed, taking Triton with it and the Triton website was taken down, the plans were also lost.  I’ve recently checked through the new distributors of Triton, and they have no problem with these being made available again.  So, for the sake of a bit of my web storage, enjoy.

Beginner Plans

Beginner- Bar Stool
Beginner- Box Frame Coffee Table
Beginner- Breadboard
Beginner- Child’s Bed
Beginner- Double Sided Easel Blackboard
Beginner- Folding Picnic Table
Beginner- Portable Toolbox
Beginner- Simple Picture Framing
Beginner- Versailles Type Planterbox
Beginner- Wooden Letterbox

Intermediate Plans

Intermediate- BBQ Trolley
Intermediate- Bird Feeder
Intermediate- Child’s Desk
Intermediate- Coffee Table
Intermediate- Computer Desk
Intermediate- Entertainment Centre
Intermediate-Garden Bench
Intermediate- Garden Bridge
Intermediate- Japanese Pen Box
Intermediate- Outdoor Furniture
Intermediate- Outdoor Timber Stairs
Intermediate- Rocking Horse
Intermediate- Simple Wall Unit
Intermediate- Sun Lounge
Intermediate- Toybox
Intermediate- Wooden Bath Mat
Intermediate- Wooden Filing Cabinets
Intermediate- Work Bench

Advanced Plans

Advanced- Buffet Unit
Advanced- Butchers Block
Advanced- Chest of Drawers
Advanced- Dining Room Setting
Advanced- Display Cabinet
Advanced- Front End Loader
Advanced- Kitchen Dresser
Advanced- Queen Size Bed
Advanced- Reclining Verandah Chair
Advanced- Swing Set
Advanced- Writing Desk

9 Responses

  1. […] Projects The old Triton projects are now available for download from StusShed Thanks Stu __________________ Cheers Jeremy If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well […]

  2. thanks Stu – I was reminiscing about these only the other week!

  3. The download button has been working overtime! Thanks Stu.

  4. Thanks for the effort Stuart

  5. Thanks for a great effort Stuart – will progressively have a good look around your site. Novice woodworker but keen to build my skills even at 60 yrs of age.

  6. Thank you Stu – picked up your site while searching for (now unavailable) Triton project sheets. Also in the novice bracket and 7 years retired.
    Much obliged.

  7. I have the old book but was looking for a plan for a baby bassinet. I havent been able to find one. Your other plans are great. Doug F.

  8. I too am now a shed dweller love the site well done

  9. Got the book ,however lost the one plan I use the most.
    Thanks mate !

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