My Shopping Trip to Rockler

So I guess some of you would be curious what I got from Rockler!

Bench Cookie Storage Rack

The storage rack was unlikely to be available in time, but there they were, so that is what came home, including enough cookies to fill it.

Dust Right Handle

I did end up getting the handle,

Betsy Ross Pen Kit

and the Besty Ross Pen Kit

Incra V120 Mitre Gauge

The V120 was selling for $US50 (about $A55) so I definitely grabbed one at that price.

Tormek BGM-100

I got the BGM-100 mount to allow the Tormek jigs to be used on the high speed grinder.

Blast Gate Mounting Bracket

And 2 boxes of the Blast Gate Mount

Blast Gate Mounting Bracket

Finally, the one thing I was hoping to get was the Tormek 4000 grit grinding wheel for the T7

Unfortunately, this wasn’t in stock (rats).  I had even made sure I had sufficient baggage weight to cope with it.  Oh well, another time!

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