Tormek Profiled Leather Honing Wheel

The Tormek Sharpening System is ideal for turning tools, but part of the sharpening process is dealing with the burr that forms in the concave flute of the tool.

Jamming the gouge into a piece of timber to break off the burr will work, but the Tormek Profiled Leather Honing Wheels do a better job.

Original Bowl Gouge tip

Here is the tip of my bowl gouge – it has had some sharpening recently, but hasn’t benefited from a really decent sharpening method.  It is a turning tool, so I’m still not going to worry about running it on the Japanese Waterstone, but still, first shaping it on the 220 stone, then redressing the stone to 1000 grit produced a nice surface.

Next, onto the standard leather honing wheel to get a decent finish, then finally a touchup on the new (for my T7) profile wheel to remove the burr and perfect the edge.

Profiled Leather Honing Wheels

There are 2 wheels – a larger diameter one (and I’m referring to the profile here, not the actual diameter of the leather wheel itself!) (6mm diameter), and a second that has been shaped to a V section.  You can get a 4mm diameter one if you typically need a narrower profile.

Leather Wheel Detail

Between these two, I can dress the inside of all my turning tools and carving knives and chisels.  I have oiled them up, then applied some honing compound.

Refined Edge

The outside edge of the bowl gouge – looking a lot nicer.  You can see one facet that I haven’t ground out – it isn’t affecting performance of the gouge (came from when I had a less ideal sharpening method), and I didn’t want to waste good steel to remove it – it will disappear over time as the tool is sharpened (and to a consistent angle because of the Tormek setting system).

Don’t mind the few bits of dust in the photo – I think they are from the new leather profile wheels that I’m still oiling in.

Next to receive the treatment will be my large roughing gouge.  Imagine a roughing gouge with this sort of edge.

Sharp? You better believe it!!

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