Road Trip to Carbatec Sydney

While in Sydney, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drop into Carbatec Sydney, never having been there before (and if the truth be known, this will be the first Carbatec I’ve visited, other than Melbourne of course).

Carbatec Sydney

Was a bit of a drive from where I was staying, down to near Homebush (where the Sydney Olympics were held).  City the size of Sydney could almost do with a couple of Carbatecs!

As much as my iPhone GPS hasn’t let me down on the trip, I was still not sure where the hell it was taking me, until the very familar blue, white ‘n’ red sign came into view.

Lathes and Drill Presses

There was a good collection of heavy machinery, but it was quite tightly packed into the showroom (not in a bad way), so you could still easily see the entire range without it totally dominating.

Bandsaws and Workbenches

Bandsaws, and more bandsaws.  14″, 14″, 17″, 19″, 21″, 24″.  Who’d imagine just how much difference an extra 7″ could make?  The 24″ pretty much has to be a 3 phase machine – single phase just can’t provide it enough oomph. (That’s a technical term btw).

Small accessories and consumables

Looking though the rest of the place, and it is going through quite a transition at the moment, as Dave (owner) and Mark (store manager) are transforming the place with new shelving and wall units.  (If you want one of their older, wooden units some are currently in their carpark with a “for sale” sign on them).

They also have this ideal LCD display unit (foreground), which they use in-store, but will be perfect at the various wood shows too.

New shelving

Books, grinders, books, and the new shelving around the back wall.

A forest of cast iron (tablesaws)

No TS10L though sorry – I checked!  Also planers, thicknessers, router wings.

Adhesives and Carving Chisels

Carbatec also carry a range of Festool and Protool – I even found 4mm dominos here – something I haven’t found in Melbourne, or Denver!  (I have them with my Domino, but have been running out of 4mm ones after the toy kitchen projects)

The Protool Univers SSP200

This one always catches my eye wherever I see it.  There is also a larger 380 version.

For those powerless nights

Tired of tools with power cords?  Try some of these on for size 🙂

Acrylic Pen Blanks

And finally, this simple, but effective idea.  On the front of each acrylic pen blank box is a turned version of the blank.  This does make a lot of sense, because sometimes the blank and the final product are very different, so it is very useful to see what the acrylic comes out like when it is round in cross-section, and not square.

So that is a bit of a photo-tour of Carbatec Sydney.  Thanks to Dave and Mark for the chat, and the look around the place 🙂

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