Highlighter Pens and PostIt Notes at the Ready

It is that time of year again!  Yes, the Carbatec Catalogue for 2010 is now out, and either coming to a letterbox near you (if you are on their mailing list), or available for free in-store otherwise.

You can either request a catalogue from their website by clicking here (overseas will cost $15, free in Oz)

Or you can simply peruse their online version directly on your computer via a very cool interface here.

There are, like always, a whole stack of new products in the Carbatec stores/catalogue, inc Kreg router tables, Triton, Incra, CNC Shark, Lidwig (so many very familiar names to regular Stu’s Shed visitors).  There are pages of Triton – so weird seeing it in a Carbatec catalogue!

So much to look at, so little ink left in my highlighter!

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