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I’m quite the fan of MakeCNC‘s plans, as you will probably have gathered!  They are useable for more than just CNC machines – the plans can be used with scrollsaws, plasma machines, laser machines, even an exacto knife and cardboard.

The total library is huge, and it keeps on growing as new plans come out regularly.  Buying the individual plans can add up very quickly, so buying the plans in a pack is much more cost-effective.

The most cost-effective pack is the lifetime membership pack, where not only do you get every single plan they have produced, you get every single plan they produce into the future.

A pack like that doesn’t come cheap though, given the total number of plans available.  With over $US10000 worth of plans now available, the price is about to rise (tomorrow) to $US2000.  So if you are really keen, today is the very last day that you can purchase lifetime membership for $US1500.

To give you an example, in the month that I was away, I got back to 107 new plans sitting in my inbox, and there are another 60 odd plans to come that I know about.  That is on top of the over 1500 plans I already have!

So if this is something you have been thinking about, but haven’t made a decision, or if this is something you haven’t heard of, but are tempted, this is the last chance to get them for $US500 less than they will be tomorrow.

New Tab – Free Woodworking Plans

Decided that the recently-made available plans have been rather popular, so have created a permanent page for them (and any others I come across / create) rather than having this selection lost over time as the post slips down and down the chronological list.  You will see a new tab at the top of the website titled “Plans”  (funny that).

Triton Project Plans

When Triton was still a company in its own right, and the Mark 3 workbench (the model before the current WC2000 (and its minor improvements)), there was an associated Project Book.  This was released for public distribution by Triton a couple of years back, but once GMC collapsed, taking Triton with it and the Triton website was taken down, the plans were also lost.  I’ve recently checked through the new distributors of Triton, and they have no problem with these being made available again.  So, for the sake of a bit of my web storage, enjoy.

Beginner Plans

Beginner- Bar Stool
Beginner- Box Frame Coffee Table
Beginner- Breadboard
Beginner- Child’s Bed
Beginner- Double Sided Easel Blackboard
Beginner- Folding Picnic Table
Beginner- Portable Toolbox
Beginner- Simple Picture Framing
Beginner- Versailles Type Planterbox
Beginner- Wooden Letterbox

Intermediate Plans

Intermediate- BBQ Trolley
Intermediate- Bird Feeder
Intermediate- Child’s Desk
Intermediate- Coffee Table
Intermediate- Computer Desk
Intermediate- Entertainment Centre
Intermediate-Garden Bench
Intermediate- Garden Bridge
Intermediate- Japanese Pen Box
Intermediate- Outdoor Furniture
Intermediate- Outdoor Timber Stairs
Intermediate- Rocking Horse
Intermediate- Simple Wall Unit
Intermediate- Sun Lounge
Intermediate- Toybox
Intermediate- Wooden Bath Mat
Intermediate- Wooden Filing Cabinets
Intermediate- Work Bench

Advanced Plans

Advanced- Buffet Unit
Advanced- Butchers Block
Advanced- Chest of Drawers
Advanced- Dining Room Setting
Advanced- Display Cabinet
Advanced- Front End Loader
Advanced- Kitchen Dresser
Advanced- Queen Size Bed
Advanced- Reclining Verandah Chair
Advanced- Swing Set
Advanced- Writing Desk

Split Top Roubo Bench

Benchcrafted have recently finalised plans for sale of a Split Top Roubo Bench which look very interesting – both the bench itself, and the detailed plans.

Photos from their blog.

Split Top Roubo


The plans include:
PDF ePlans: 15 pages of drawings showing 2D and 3D views
PDF eNotes: 28 pages of design info, photos, notes etc
3D eDrawing: CAD drawing (viewable with a free viewer) that can be rotated and viewed from any angle
Printer Plans: 4 pages of 20″ x 38″ large format prints of the measured drawings

Kind of tempting really – here is a workbench, just add timber!

Super Link Post

Since posting an initial list of blogs, a number more blogs have been sent through (thanks!), and I have also dived heavily into my old woodworking links folder, checking all my links to make sure only current ones were retained.  There are still notable exceptions I’m sure – there are some I’m sure I could find for the commercial section, but will pick them up later.  For any sites I’ve missed but shouldn’t have (particularly because I do know of them). My apologies – please remind me!!

Any others you want to submit, go right ahead.  In the meantime, the contents of this post will become a separate links page on this site as a permanent resource. Currently 173 sites are listed here – enjoy the explore!

And just a note – there is no ulterior motivation here for me having listed sites both here and a few posts ago – the response from the previous post was so positive, I decided a more comprehensive list was justified.


Yes – the list has been removed, or rather, it has been moved and is now on its own tab at the top of the page, called “Links

I kept adding sites, and so as not to have to do any more double handling than necessary, one central depository of links is a lot easier!

Triton Project Plans / Free Project Plans!

The Triton Mk3 Project Book is no longer commercially available, so Triton have released the projects from that book as PDFs. Despite being written for the Mk3, they are still very suitable for WC2000 owners (and are just good projects for non-Triton users as well).

Plus (!) This is the Triton Workcentre Jigs Triton Jig Guide

Triton have also released a number of videos about Triton tools and techniques on YouTube- Triton

(There are also a number of GMC videos available here)

Series 2000 WC Part 1 (Introduction)
Series 2000 WC Part 2 (More applications)
ETA300 Extension Table
BRA200 Bevel Ripping Guide
WCA390 Height Winder Kit (Assembly)
RTA300 Router Table
BJA300 Biscuit Joiner
FJA300 Finger Joiner
TRA001 ½” Router
PRA001 Powered Respirator
TA235CSL Circular Saw
SJA001 Superjaws
SJA200 Superjaws (New)
MSA200 Multi-Stand

Cheap Plans

While I was in Bunnings, I found some plans for an outdoor Garden Bench on their sales table.  Originally $9.95, they were marked down to $1.

Not sure if I’ll every get around to making it, but for the sake of some pocket change it was a no-brainer.

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