Farewell and Welcome at Carbatec

Firstly, in the very near future Carbatec Melbourne says farewell to Stewart who is heading back north with is family back to Brisbane, and onto interesting things up that way, still within the industry.

Now the welcome is also very interesting.  Especially if you have been hanging out for the long-expected arrival of Triton back on the Australian scene.

The new manager of Carbatec Melbourne is in fact a very good friend of mine: Gordon Heggie.

Gordon Heggie

Now that name may not be familiar to you, but he has long been associated with Triton, and ran the Triton Demonstrator Programme for many years (among one or two other duties!)

Here is a very young-looking Gordon demonstrating the Australian-made Superjaws. (sorry Gordon – raided my archives!)  Gordon is very much responsible for my involvement with the Triton demonstrating programme, including working a number of the woodworking shows.  For Triton owners, this means that Carbatec Melbourne will be very well informed on all things orange (and with Tony in Brisbane, Carbatec is very well positioned to support this brand).

However Gordon is not just Triton, and has been involved in the woodworking industry for many years, and brings that depth to Carbatec Melbourne.

From my (independent, Stu’s Shed) perspective, I am certainly looking forward to working with Gordon again.  He helped me a great deal with discussions and advice in the early stages of choosing directions for Stu’s Shed, which has helped mould this website into the form it has today.

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