I’ve Discovered a New Obsession

I can’t say hobby – nothing I do gets done at a level that the term hobby seems to fit!

My new obsession is sharpness.  Not just sharp, but incredibly sharp, scarily sharp (not to be confused with “Scary Sharp” – the technique of using sandpaper to sharpen tools), dangerously sharp.

And yes, there has been blood – not a lot, but just enough to know that these tools have absolutely no problem piercing skin, and wood fibres.

I could say I’m not sure what has bought this on, but it is simple – the pleasure in using a machine with real quality is inspiring.  The Tormek T7 is a muse.  The wheel is true, without runout.  It cuts smoothly, more smoothly than you’d credit a 220 grit wheel.

I tried to stall the wheel tonight.  I read it couldn’t be done, and so I thought I’d try.  With the wheel turning away from the tool, and a full 50mm width blade, I applied pressure – real pressure, to the point it hurt my hands, and although I could hear the motor working harder, I didn’t see any significant drop in speed.  That was impressive.

But back to the obsession itself.  I did a basic sharpening of one plane blade (not even taking the wheel up to 1000 grit), then jumped across to a quick hone to achieve a mirror finish.  Mirror finish, and that was without really trying.  What is going to happen when I take some care??

But what then happened was I found myself moving onto another tool, then another, and then wanting to test each out with their new-found sharpness.  And I still haven’t actually sat down for a serious sharpening session.  My large 1 1/4″ roughing gouge is now sharp enough to use as a carving chisel!

Sharpness is an obsession.

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