Shed Organisation

Kent Shepherd, you may recall, was the dealer who came up to meet me at the filming of the Cool Tools segment on the Torque Workcentre.  He then took that TWC back to Texas, as he is now the first Torque Workcentre dealer for North America.

He has now also started a blog, and although he’s only posted a couple of articles so far, the second cab off the rank caught my eye.  A few shots from around his actual workshop, and he sure keeps that place organised!

If you get a chance, drop over to his site, let him know what you think 🙂

What I like about it more than anything, is there are 2 (3) types of woodworking retailers out there – those who are sales people selling a product that happens to be woodwork related, and those who are woodworkers who are passionate about their craft, and happen to be using that passion to wrest out a living.  Carrolls certainly fits this second category, and by the looks of Kent’s workshop, he’s another.  You can tell the two types apart – the second category are typically people so passionate about woodworking that they’ll send you away with nothing than sell you something you don’t need.  (And any conversation about anything with them are typically long and drawn out because we all know woodies – we can’t help but talk and talk about that which drives us, whether it is the love of the timber, the passion for the tool, the commitment to the techniques, whatever) The Used Car Salesman approach will send you away with whatever is something from their inventory they want to get rid of (and then there is the third category where they haven’t a clue what they are selling, nor care).

I keep slowly trying to get there – a storage place here, a hook there.  The more organised the shop is, the more productive I can be.  That may be a function of limited space, but I find it an endless source of frustration constantly trying to ferret out a tool from the detritus. One project I’m hoping to do, is build a Krenov-inspired cabinet, which will become the shed storage for the most darkside tools I have – the HNT Gordon handplanes and a few other tools I have of the same calibre.

When I’m old and grey (or older and greyer), my workshop might finally be approaching my ideal.  Until then, at least I get to make sawdust!

3 Responses

  1. At 73 I still haven’t worked out how to get a tidy shed.
    Give me another 20 years!!

  2. Thanks Stu,
    It is amazing how the internet has influenced my own woodworking, including my desire to have a well organized shop. Seeing many cool ideas for storage gave me quite a bit of inspiration to not only organize my shop, but to make it look good in the process. I’m afraid I’m hopelessly hooked in my quest for a great working environment and it will indeed take a lifetime. I can’t walk in my shop without finding something else to do. It is good to know that maybe I am inspiring a few people myself.


  3. That shelving unit is a really nice idea. Very organized. I could hang my table saw blades in a place like that. Cool!

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