15″ Cast Iron Thicknesser

As regulars of Stu’s Shed will have seen, I upgraded my thicknesser aways back (and have been very pleased with that decision ever since). I got the CTJ-681, but owners of the CTJ-680 also expressed how happy they were with their model.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I saw this in the entranceway of Carbatec (Melbourne) this morning: their floor model CTJ-680 going for $1095, down from $1449. Basically unused afaik, with a few shop marks on it (paint that has been a bit rubbed)



3HP motor, large columns, induction motor (which is a real pleasure after using brushed motor thicknessers that absolutely scream even before the timber starts being machined.  Brushed motors include the GMC, Ryobi, Triton etc)  15″ width, good blades, and if you ever have the inclination, it can be upgraded to a helical head.

Anyone tempted yet?

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