Fly Weight

It has been a couple of years since I started the “Battle of the Blades”, and although there are different divisions in the battle, there is no Fly Weight.

There will be, very shortly, a couple of new contenders, competing for the very top spot of their divisions, and these are both produced by FLAI (pronounced “Fly”), and bought into Australia by Promac, the importers of other top shelf goods including Tormek and BMI.

Flai Mustang

The first blade is the Mustang, competing against other wood-cutting blades, but that hardly represents what the blade is about.  This blade doesn’t care what it comes up against (within reason).  Wood? of course.  Wood derivatives? Well duh. What happens if this blade comes across nails embedded in the wood? Now we are talking, and this blade keeps on cutting.  Try doing that with a standard combo blade and see how the teeth look!  Copper, aluminium, mild steel even.

It seems very much to be a universal blade – the blade you can leave in the saw and not be concerned what it is going to run into.  That must be such a relief, particularly if you are often using reclaimed/recycled timber.

Flai Ultimate

The other blade is simply called “The Ultimate”, and simply looking at this blade out of the box, I can see a serious challenge to the Freud Industrial for ultimate quality cutting.  The tungsten carbide tips on this one have to be seen to be believed.  A serious 30 degree alternating top bevel slices like twin knives.  This is not even touching on all the other features of this blade (or  the Mustang for that matter) – how the TCT are fixed to the base, the steel used for the body of the blade, and a number of other subtle (and not so subtle) developments in these blades.

These are going to be fascinating to put through their paces.

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