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out when you read the manual (or in this case, watch the DVD). Yes, yes, I know – reading the manual is a Code Violation, but I was far from the shed, so felt it was justified.

I was watching the DVD that came with the Tormek T7 (from Carroll’s), and had one of those “duh” moments.  The packaging that the accessories came in had a washer in each corner, and I didn’t click what they were for (and I’m betting it is already dawning on you because I’ve specifically mentioned them).

The packaging wasn’t just to look good when you opened the box, but could be then screwed to the wall as a convenient storage.

Tormek Accessory Storage

In the storage, there is the book and DVD, below that honing paste. On the right side, top to bottom is the brand new square/straight edge jig (more on that in a sec), diamond truing tool and angle master.  On the right is the wheel dressing stone.

The straight-edge jig has been significantly reworked/redesigned, so you can no longer overtighten/misalign/twist the chisel causing it to inadvertently become a skew.  I can testify it works very well (and yes, I’ve created my share of skew chisels with the old style (Triton in my case) holder.

The stone grader allows the wheel to be changed from 220 grit to 1000 grit (and back again), and to finish, the honing compound has an average 3 micron grain size (which equates to 8000 grit).  “Real smooth shave”

A suggestion made recently about using the Torque with the copy attachment to duplicate a tool holder would work very well here, especially to create a storage unit that could also hold the other sharpening jigs I have.  Thinking it just a little further, the technique used a day or so in duplicating the kangaroo might work well here.

Festool Domino Accessories

Like any tool, the Domino can definitely benefit from jigs, and Festool have produced some to add to the capabilities of the basic machine.


Festool Domino Additional Stop / Support Bracket

The Additional Stop provides extra support for the Domino when used vertically.  It screws directly into the base of the Domino.  It is particularly useful when cutting mortises near the edge of a thin board, where the mitre fence has very little support on the edge of the thin board.


Additional Stop / Support Bracket

The Additional Stop has flip-up indexing to provide additional indexing in from the edge of the board.


Festool Domino Trim Stop

The Trim Stop is good for thin strips (between 22 and 70mm)


Trim Stop


Festool Domino Cross Stop

Occasionally you need additional range for precise indexing from an edge of the project.  The Cross Stops connect to the Domino with a dovetail connector and cam latch.  The indexing points can be moved along the length of the arms, with a v groove edge to assist consistent placement.


Cross Stop

There is also the Handrail Fence (describing a typical function, not what it is actually for – mortising into round stock)


Festool Domino Handrail Fence

Unfortunately the two raised portions are not movable, and deal only with stock between 35 and 60mm diameter.  I’m thinking of ways of getting to manage smaller diameter dowels, but it seems a pity the jig needs customisation.

All these jigs (except the Handrail Fence) come in the Domino Kit from Ideal Tools, or can be purchased individually as required.

Gettin’ Ready to Fly

Just been putting together the bits n pieces I will need in Brisbane over the weekend for the Timber and Working with Wood Show.

Spent about 1/2 the day in the shed making some jigs to take, and got most of what I wanted done.  Got to try out the single roller MagFence on the bandsaw for resawing, and I was very impressed.  Not only with the MagFence itself which worked perfectly, but also how much easier having a single point of contact fence made resawing.  I was slicing veneers that were under 1mm without any problem at all.

Also got to give coving a try for the first time (actually, it is probably the second time, but when I tried it on the Triton many years ago, I got so much flex out of the blade that I widened the aluminium track significantly!)  Always interesting to try out new techniques, and it went without a hitch (with my new jig of course!)

In building that jig, I also used a dado blade to create the um – what is that slot called – oh yeah, a dado! that takes the track.  This time it was the economy Carbatec set, and despite its weight (being solid disks), the 15A power supply for the saw did what was required and it ran without a problem (last time I tried before I got some decent power to the shed, I was left in the dark with the circuit breakers all popping!)

So a successful day, and plenty of new things tried as well.

One slight hiccup – I contacted the airline because their documentation said something about magnets, and despite these not being strong (relative to a magnetron, or what they quote as “a strong magnet”), I can’t take any MagSwitches with me, even if they are switched off.  You can post them (airmail), but not fly with them yourself, even in checked baggage.

Anyway, I best stop mucking around on the computer and get some rest – have to be up at 4am to get to the airport!


As I mentioned, I was in Carbatec the other day as I was after some CA Accelerator.

They didn’t have any unfortunately, and it sounded like they were going to have some problems getting more – didn’t quite pick up on why.  (Aside – just tried Carrolls as well, and they are also out of stock of accelerator – not having any luck!)

As I was wandering out of the store, I was surprised to find I had still made a purchase – not sure how that happened!

Tormek Sharpening Jigs

Tormek Sharpening Jigs

Hmm – weird.  At least my chisels and gouges will be happy!

Episode 41 Wetstone Jigs and Stone Dressing

Episode 41 Wetstone Jigs and Stone Dressing

The wetstone sharpeners are just one part of the system – the jigs that are available make it a very versatile machine.  This video covers both some of the jigs that are available, as well as dressing the stone, so it is flat and parallel to the jig support arm.

Triton Project Plans / Free Project Plans!

The Triton Mk3 Project Book is no longer commercially available, so Triton have released the projects from that book as PDFs. Despite being written for the Mk3, they are still very suitable for WC2000 owners (and are just good projects for non-Triton users as well).

Plus (!) This is the Triton Workcentre Jigs Triton Jig Guide

Triton have also released a number of videos about Triton tools and techniques on YouTube- Triton

(There are also a number of GMC videos available here)

Series 2000 WC Part 1 (Introduction)
Series 2000 WC Part 2 (More applications)
ETA300 Extension Table
BRA200 Bevel Ripping Guide
WCA390 Height Winder Kit (Assembly)
RTA300 Router Table
BJA300 Biscuit Joiner
FJA300 Finger Joiner
TRA001 ½” Router
PRA001 Powered Respirator
TA235CSL Circular Saw
SJA001 Superjaws
SJA200 Superjaws (New)
MSA200 Multi-Stand

Episode 30 Pro Drill Press Table

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