Ideal Tools Woodworking Courses

10 days to go!

Till the start of the chairmaking course (which I can’t make it to), and the Advanced Festool Domino course (which I can 🙂 )

Wonder if they’d notice if I turned up with a sleeping bag, and became a permanent squatter in their workshop! (And no, I’m not referring to the great Aussie boardgame of the same name) (when I first played this my Grandfather’s copy of this game, it came with tiny sheep markers – these days, it seems they only supply small plastic tiddlywinks instead – sign of the times I suppose).

Certainly looking forward to becomeing a lot more intimately familiar with the Festool Domino ahead of the Hall Table course I am doing start of August. If anyone wants to join me, (and see just how bad I really am at woodworking), head over to the Ideal Tools website.

test video

test video
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