Updating the About page

As part of a reassessment of the website that I am doing over the next 31 days (more on that later), I have been looking at the “About” page, and have added the following descriptor at the start.  Let me know what you think, and if there is anything that I should have included, (or excluded)!  This page after all is one of the first that new visitors to the website will turn to, to see what Stu’s Shed is all about, so it is important to (briefly) capture the essence of the site in a few short paragraphs. In part, this descriptor is intended as an “Elevator Pitch” – a discussion of the essence of the website in 150 words or so, or in as much time as it would take for an average trip in an elevator.

Stu’s Shed

Murdering electrons in a Woodworking Workshop. Covering woodworking tools and techniques (with the occasional venture over to “The Dark Side” with traditional hand tools and methods).

One thing I found while on the woodworking journey is the frustration from having to discover things by trial and error. This site started as a way to get some of those answers out there, presented in a down-to-earth manner from one woodworker to another.

It has grown to cover reviews, how-to articles and more in-depth articles about the technology behind the tools, as well as answering questions posed from readers around the world. It also covers a bit of my journey as well – we all start from somewhere, and I will never stop learning so as I do, what I have discovered (rediscovered) will end up here as well.  I’m quite a tool addict, and have as much interest in the modern electron-murderers (power tools) as their traditional alternatives.

There is an ever-increasing library of videos (all free btw), and you can watch them directly from this site, or subscribe to the iTunes Podcast so each new episode can be downloaded automatically as they are made available.

Hopefully there is something here for everyone, and if not, let me know – I’m always looking for the next article!  I tend to post something new every day, if not more often, so keep coming back and get the latest info.  Is there anything about woodworking that you ever wanted to know, but didn’t know where to ask?

Last, but not least, welcome to my shed!  Grab a stool or a tool, and a beer (or whatever is your poison), and let’s make some sawdust!

Bandsaw Art

Don’t think I posted this earlier, and I know it has done the rounds already but just in case you missed it…

What can be done by a skilled operator (definitely NOT me!), and a well-tuned bandsaw

Xmas Commissions have Begun

I’m going to be making 3 kitchens (so far) for Xmas for my wife’s Mother’s Group (although one is for our daughter).  Lots of ideas running around my head so far, and it may be quite different from what I came up with 2 years ago (2 years ago already???)

I’m only charging the cost of materials- it isn’t a money-making exercise.  It will probably be mostly MDF, perhaps with pine to create raised panels, with the intention that the whole kitchen will get a painted finish.  I’ve seen plenty of wooden toys at the toy library too, and I still think they make for a much more tactile experience than plastic ever could.

I’m currently looking at some sort of amalgamation of my original sink and stove set

Sink and Stove Set

Sink and Stove Set

and perhaps this one from the Target toy catalog

Target Kitchen

Target Kitchen

If anyone has other kitchen suggestions, I would definitely interested in seeing them, and seeing what to incorporate into the final design.

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