From Chris Vesper to Melbourne Woodworkers

Special plea to Melbourne locals

I was reading my local Leader newspaper the other day and came across a small news mention titled “Hand-crafted toolbox taken”.

The article went on to read:
An elderly Frankston man had his precious tool box stolen after thieves broke into his garage.  The 87 year old told police he had made the wooden toolbox in 1946 after he returned from WW2.  His Bokissa Drive garage was burgled between June 4 and 25th.  (A big window of time I know! Chris)
“It was hand planed and engraved with the initials JJ” detective Mark Garrett said.  “It was of great sentimental value to him and would be nice if he got it back”

I then contacted the detective who emailed me further info:  The box also contained woodworking tools.  The victim indicates the box was stained and had a metal handle and metal clips securing the box.  Dimensions of about 2ft by 18″ by 6″.  Some of the tools had wooden handles painted red and comprised of chisels, punches, hand planes, hand saws and a measuring square.

I have tried my best to give you more tool specific details like branding or vintage or even if the planes were metal or timber body but it is hard when the victim himself hasn’t been able to give those specifics.

So… Tool Aficionados and Hoarders of Melbourne (yes me too):  Garage sales, pawn shops, markets, antique shops, auction houses, where ever you are please keep an eye out.  Contact either myself on the usual numbers or speak to Detective Mark Garrett at Frankston CIU, his direct line is 9784 5588.

Any members of clubs and associations that recieve this email please circulate it in print and electronically, pin it on your noticeboards.  Lets see if we can help this digger out by finding his unique JJ tool chest.

From the latest Chris Vesper Newsletter

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