Howcast, Blip.TV & Stu’s Shed

I was approached AGES ago about whether I would be interested in establishing a HowCast channel for Stu’s Shed, and recently I finally did just that.

You can find it at

There are about 19 videos on there at the moment, and I expect that once the problem I am experiencing with my original video feed is sorted, the other 38 or so will magically appear there as well (speaking of which, I have been working with Blip.TV, and we are close to solving the video problems).


Podcasting for How-to!

If you have trouble viewing videos on this site, and don’t use iTunes to get the podcast, another option is to go directly to my TV channel on – this is where all the original videos are hosted, and you can view them streamed directly from that site. All 57 or so videos are there, ready to be viewed.


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