Amazing Drill Attachments – Can YOUR Drill do This?

Greg, one of the regulars on here came across this advert recently and thought of Stu’s Shed

After spending so much on a drill, wouldn’t you want it to become THE go-to tool in your workshop? In fact, if you get all the accessories I’m sure the marketing boys will have you convinced that your entire workshop revolves around the drill (sorry – couldn’t resist).


I like the direct attack by them on the other manufacturers too – (No clumsy direct drive with drill sideways) 🙂
It is so much better decreasing performance by directing power through a 90 degree gearbox. (Course it is probably a good thing in the case of the saw, but there is nothing like the marketing community to try to always find a point of difference and make it THE feature!)

I tried to get more info on the “Hycarbon” blade, but I guess it is something that didn’t survive into the Google era.  Of course it can just be taken on the face of it – a high-carbon blade (making it hard, and (potentially) sharp).

It came with a massive 5 day money back guarantee.  Nothing like the modern 2 year replacement warranties from Chinese manufactured modern saws. (Oh wait, that company went bust).

And I LOVE the “Cuts 1 1/8″, 2×4 BY TURNING OVER” Yes – you too can cut a 2×4 with just 2 passes with this little beauty!

Tried to get more info about Arrow Metal Products, but after looking at a number of sites, all I found was a computer virus, and a long court document about a 1950’s attempt by a few unscrupulous individuals cornering the egg market a few days before Christmas by futures trading to get 100% market share. (It is sometimes amazing what Google will provide!) As far as the virus goes – well I guess that is the beauty of being on a Mac.

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