Episode 43 Triton Steel Cutter

Episode 43 Triton Steel Cutter – Making a Noticeboard

Although not currently available in Oz, these are still (afaik) available in the US etc, and they are still out there if you come across a used model.  In any respect, for the project I was working on (a noticeboard) this was the right tool for the job.  The Steel Cutter came out while Triton was still owned by Hills, and seemed a very strange direction for Triton to be going at the time.

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  1. I like it Stu , but where can i buy one , no one here seems to know of them ?
    Triton Steel Cutter

  2. Not sure either at the moment Frank. Until the current situation with GMC / Triton in receivership is resolved, I don’t have any real way to research it either.

    Ebay may be the only option currently, and if any potential new buyer of Triton (at least) doesn’t resurrect the brand, it may be the only way pf sourcing any orange tools.

  3. While at Phillip Island, I saw a boxed one on the top rack at Mitre10 (in the power tools section). Can’t comment on price or anything, but it was there.

  4. […] I made a video about it aways back – Episode 43. […]

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