Heater Envy

Seeing a number of American woodworker’s haunts are in rather cold climates, they often seem to have some sort of woodburner in a corner of their workshop, and on many cold, blustery, raining days I have felt quite envious of those wood heaters, with my waste wood ending up in the scrap bin for later disposal through the fireplaces in the house.

Friend of mine had a spare one of these, and so I proposed a rehousing

Masport Klondike

Masport Klondike

It’s brand new – looks great, and I just need to organise some flue for it so it can be commissioned!  Warning on it – don’t get it red hot (they can split if overheated), but I’m sure the little I’ll actually put in it will be fine, and will take the edge off my shed’s less pleasant temperature days.

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