The 5 Tools I Most Commonly Show Woodworking Visitors

As a bit of an exercise, I’ve been compiling a list of the 5 tools I’m most likely to show / recommend to a fellow woodworker visiting my shed.

I am deliberately leaving out the big electron murderers – the Tablesaw, Router Table, Bandsaw, Lathe, Thicknesser etc, only because they would be obvious choices, given their physical presence on the shop floor.

So onto the Top 5 Tools I would most likely show off to a woodworking shed visitor:

5. Rockwell (Worx) Jawhorse – latest iteration of the Triton SuperJaws that has been one of my go-to tools in the shed for years. 1000kg of clamping force doesn’t hurt either! It was a very close tie with the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge (US / Oz).

4. Frontline Interlocking Clamp – a very new addition to the collection, but quite unique in its design and function makes it something I can’t help but show off to other woodworkers.

3. Incra Miter 1000SE Miter Gauge (US / Oz)- Nothing beats taking a generally functional tool (the miter gauge), and turning it into a precision instrument.

2. HNT Gordon Aussie Jack Plane – Any of the HNT Gordon range are stunning tools, and the new Aussie Jack plane has the looks, and the tactile response of a beautifully constructed tool.

1. MagSwitch 50mm MagSquare – Nothing can beat a tool which can go from having no magnetism to having enough break-away strength to lift my 200+kg tablesaw! I’m probably more likely to recommend the MagSwitch Featherboard, but nothing shows off the MagSwitch concept than the power of the Square!

What would your list look like?


Saw Blade Quiz

I knew there was going to be a real benefit when I conducted my “Battle of the Blades” sawblade review.

That benefit has just been realised when I conducted the Saw Blade Quiz on Tools

Cutting Saw Blade
Cutting Saw Blade quiz
by ToolsToday

Heh heh – ok, so I’m skiting (wonder if that is a term particular to NZ/Oz?) I managed 15/10 – there are bonuses to answering quickly! I don’t mind the occasional online quiz (so long as I do well!)

Router Bits
Router Bits quiz
by ToolsToday

Just had a look at their site, and saw they sell tambour door router bits. Just caught my eye, as I’ve had a few people ask about them over the years, and I haven’t found anyone selling them in Oz.  Might have to see if they will export! (Hmm Stu’s Shed Router Bit of the Month review?) 😉

Tambour Door Router Bits

Tambour Door Router Bits

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