Woodpecker Unilift wanted

If anyone (in Oz) has a Woodpecker Unilift (the one that can mount a plunge router) that they are interested in selling, I have a club in Melbourne who would be very interested in talking with you.


Apparently they are no longer available to purchase new which is rather disappointing (no longer being manufactured). The US don’t use plunge routers as much, so the fixed router lifts are still common, and available but not the one that will fit a plunge router.

Contact me if you have one available and I’ll pass your details on.

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  1. If there are two spare, I’ll put my hand up for one …

  2. Woodpeckers UniLIFT Router Lift
    EUpdate Readers will know that the ever popular Woodpeckers UniLIFT was withdrawn from the market by Woodpeckers primarly due to their USA customers not using plunge routers as much as we do, whereas the fixed base router type lifts are most common, and available but will not suit a plunge router.

    Grahame from “Professional Woodworkers Supplies” has this week spoken to Woodpeckers who may be prepared to produce a short run of the UniLIFT for our Australian market, and require a firm estimate as to the number to manufacture.

    So if you or any of your friends or Woodworking Clubs are interested in purchasing a UniLIFT then please let Grahame know this month…….

    Send your “Expression of Interest” – Please include your full name, contact telephone number. The subject line must read Unilift.


    Expressions of interest close May 18th 2012

    We cannot guarantee that this special run will eventuate, however the more interest there is, the better our chances.

    This won’t happen immediately so you will have a little time to save your $$’s between expressing your interest and delivery.

  3. Ps. All……. If you want to keep up with all Grahame’s woodworking equipment and sales go to http://www.woodworksupplies.com.au/webcontent16.htm and subscribe to his newsletters. 🙂

  4. Woodpeckers UniLIFT Router Lift is going to cost around $600 – $690 from PWWS if Grahame can get them to produce some. Contact him on

    Hope this helps!!!!!

  5. I was lucky to pick up a Woodpeckers Router Lift on ebay-aus just last week for $400.00 + postage. I was the only bidder. Its compatable with plunge routers and is in very good condition. It came with all the accessories including the template guide to route out the recess into the router table top. (cutter bit included).

    • Nice pickup – and a very rare purchase! Enjoy 🙂

      • Thanks Stuart. How does the Router Raizer compare to
        the Unilift.

        • Chalk and cheese as far as I can tell. One uses the internal gearing of the router, the other is a substantial piece of quality engineering which provide significant support as well as very fine height control.

          The unilift is definitely my choice (if a choice still exists).

          The newer versions of Triton do away with the need for the Router Raizer, with through-table height adjustment built in (finally).

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