Another Financial Year

Comes to an end (at least in Australia).  Has been an ‘interesting’ financial year for many.  I’m still not sure what to make of all this GFC stuff, but sure seems to be affecting a lot of things, people.

However with the start of the new financial year, I’ve taken a bit of leap into the great unknown and started Stu’s Shed on the path of being a formal business venture.

First thing, and obviously the most important- what does this mean for the visitors/readers of this site (you!) Absolutely nothing – no sudden influx of adverts, no change in the content, no change in my approach to provide as accurate an opinion on products as I can.  If anything, this only means that this website has more reason to continue to exist.  I guess it also means I can be categorised as a professional blogger/podcaster, but I tell you – the pay rate is terrible! (Around $0 per annum as a starting salary!)

The one thing it does mean though, is my ability to register a new URL (web address).

will absolutely remain – there is no change, and I’ve just re-registered that address for another 2 years fwiw

is a brand new address, that I wasn’t able to get until I had an ABN (Australian Business Number) However, it points to exactly the same place as the .com address, and I have no intention of managing parallel websites.

Both these addresses point to the site’s actual web address, as this site is powered by as I have found it a very good blogging software company.

Any questions, concerns, comments, as always are very welcome, you can either email me: (or, or simply make a comment on this post.

Just to reiterate, nothing has changed, other than the availability for you to use either the .com or address 🙂

BTW, if you haven’t noticed, there is a Twitter feed now happening at the bottom of the left hand column of this site – the Stu’s Shed Twitter. In here there are quick tidbits of news and comments – as an experiment I am happy with how it is adding to the site overall, so it will continue to be used pretty regularly (often multiple times a day).  You can either keep visiting the site often to see the changes, or “follow” StusShed on Twitter. In any case, there will be news that is common to both the Twitter and the main site, but given that Twitter is limited to 140 characters, it will always be “quick n nasty”, and the blog will remain full length articles.  In the end, it is an attempt add an extra layer of service to this website.

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