Ratings for articles and comments

WordPress have recently added the ability to have ratings for the various aspects of a blog, and I’ve decided to switch the option on.

Now, when you go into an individual post (click on its title), down the bottom of the post you will see 5 greyed out stars.  If you like, or dislike a particular post, give it a star rating (it is anonymous).

Also, if you agree, or disagree with a comment you can give it a thumbs-up, or a thumbs-down.

I will be monitoring the trends over time, so it will give me a better idea just what is particularly liked, or disliked, and can influence how this site matures.

BTW, while discussing comments in general, comments on articles are always welcome (and always read), and often replied to.  The requirement to provide name & email is simply to dissuade spammers. With 1200 legitimate comments to date, and 12000 spam comments, I wonder if it is achieving anything!

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