My Bandsaw

Somehow I have managed to avoid really discussing the bandsaw I have, at least until now.

Back in 2004, I had an opportunity to add a major tool to my workshop, and while thinking a bandsaw might be a useful tool, I really didn’t understand exactly why a bandsaw should be in my workshop. I originally purchased a 14″ Trupro bandsaw, folded steel (as is pretty much all the larger bandsaws), and quickly became disillusioned with its poor design (the door catch for example was positioned right in front of the blade, and even after only a couple of minutes of operation, the blade had cut a sizeable kerf through the door catch).

That went straight back, and for a couple hundred more, I came home with the solid, cast iron Jet 14″ deluxe bandsaw JWBS-14DX

Jet 14" Deluxe

Jet 14" Deluxe

Following a more traditional design, very solid, very heavy (and the cast iron is a natural vibration absorber).  I immediately bought and added the 6″ extension, which gives me 12″ of resaw height (which is superb).  It is a decision that really should be made at the start, because you need different length blades because of the extension (obviously 12″ longer than the original).

One really excellent feature of this bandsaw is that it has a quick tensioning unit for the blade, so you can quickly take the tension off the blade at the end of the day, and put it back on next time the bandsaw is needed.

Quick Tensioner

Quick Tensioner

I found this image on the web here, and along with the quick tension lever, it also shows a solution to the one point of frustration I have with the design – the tensioning knob is too small, and too close to the housing.  I’ve never gotten around to doing something about it, but it does need a modification of one form or another.

The Jet is only a single speed (at least in Australia – overseas you have the option of a variable speed upgrade, which has 3 different pulley sizes), but I’ve never really missed having that flexibility.

I did get an after-market fence with it, but haven’t ever really used it, and so have recently removed it altogether as I am now using the MagFences instead.

Blades: Easiest thing is to refer back to an earlier article here.

Bottom line is, if I was in the market for another bandsaw today, I’d have no hesitation to buy exactly the same one.  Call that an endorsement if you will!

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