Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations

Might seem a tad strange, but of all the (non-fiction) books I have either read, and/or owned, the one that I have wanted (and have found the most useful) is


from McGraw-Hill. It is absolutely full of over 5000 engineering calculations, and tonnes of worked examples over they whole gamut of engineering, and if you can’t find one specifically addressing the problem you have to hand, there is sure to be an example in there that can be adapted.

I first came across the book when working a summer job at the Geothermal Power Station at Wairakei, just north of Taupo in the midst of a very geothermically active region of New Zealand (this is while I was finishing my Bachelor of Engineering from Auckland Uni).  I had some problems I needed to solve – calculating the efficiencies of some heat-exchangers, and the engineer who was supervising me just dropped this book on my desk.  It was quite a relevation – and I have coverted it ever since. (At over $A200, it isn’t the cheapest tome on the market!)

May seem a tad heavy for a woodworking workshop too, but in writing this blog, occasionally I have found it invaluable when trying to work out particular problems.  I certainly am not suggesting it is essential reading for every woodworker out there!  Just thought you might be interested in where I generate some of my ideas from!

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