Perfume for the Bloke in your life




(Translates as “Workshop Smell” – if you can’t get into the shed, at least you can have the aroma of having done so.  Includes oil of sawdust, tung oil and 11 other secret herbs and spices)

Ok, for those that were wondering (or thought it might be real), this is just me playing with PhotoShop! 😉

Delay, its a good thing!

The Hall Table course at Ideal Tools has had to be delayed till the 28, 29 and 30 August. Yeah – not 6 Sunday mornings in a row, one intensive weekend!

And that is why I think it is going to be really cool!  Take a day off work (damn 😉 ) on the Friday, power through on the Saturday and Sunday and after just 3 days come home with a finished piece of fine furniture!

For me, it is quite a drive, so 3 trips across the city (and all the bloody tolls) is a better option too.  And for out-of-towners who’d be tempted to attend one of these, instead of deciding against long trips each weekend for 6 weeks, you can now come down for a single weekend (and Anthony from Ideal Tools has some accomodation deals arranged to make it as affordable as possible).

The course itself is still the same length – 6×4 hour sessions vs 3×8 hour sessions.  In either case you get 24 hard hitting hours in the very spekky Festool Workshop.

SSYTC007 Preparing a Burl

Taking a slice of burl, and getting the surface flat has traditionally meant I have broken out the belt sander which (unless it is a particular shade of green) is NOT a precision machine.  Some will use handtools – planes, scrapers etc to get the surface flat, but circumstances (and a complete lack of time) means I tend to select powered (electron murdering) machines, and the drum sander is particularly suited to the task.

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