Well is it Triton or not?

Following a trail from Twitter and a post by Marc (Wood Whisperer) to a blog he was reading, then across to Lee Valley to look at a strangely familiar wood rack.

Familiar, because I have three identical wood racks on my shed wall, which I know without a doubt that they were designed and made by Triton.

So this was curious


Who is Portamate, and what is their relationship to Triton? Are they rebadged? Copied?

I don’t have any answers- just another example of what happened to a once iconic Australian brand.

Triton woodracks are still available from Carbatec- if you don’t have a good timber storage system in your shed, they are definitely worth considering. I’d add another if I had some more wallspace to spare!

3 Responses

  1. Hi blokes. Just generally commenting.
    I bought carbatec rac system. For me, it will be best for milk crates of home brew… but will it be strong and wide enuff? I have not had an erection yet because i am wondreing wether to put the “system” on inside or outside of 7 X 9 meter shed (with dunny internal wash trough) and external tank plumbed. 14 X 2 power points plus 4 pendant points. ( no 3 phase)

    Back to racks: I got shed construction dude to build me a timbre rac which is just under 3 meters. Shelf size is 140m bolted to floor and shed frame as well as to slab of shed. It is holding about a ton (weight) of resaw stuff atm. Redgum, mirbu, blackwood, sheaoke, blue gum as well as assorted lighter weight timber. I am a hunter and gather of timber. Blue gum. ( I see some ears pricken up.) Salt water seasoned pylons. Also on rac are lengths of 14″ X 3″ X 5′ oregon (douglas fir?)

    Not sure what to do with light weight wracks. Mount ’em low for easy access to home brew??

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  3. Thanks Guys – I was about to have this item shipped from the USA when I found your post. Couldn’t find them under Portamate in Australia. Just bought them from Carbatec as Triton cheaper quicker and easier.

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