Sandpaper Cleaner

Quick post just to demonstrate just how effective the Belt and Disk Stick is for cleaning up your sandpaper on the linisher, drum, spindle, belt and disk sanders.

Carbatec version






A very cheap consumable tool ($7-$12 depending on size) that significantly improves the life of your abrasives. The main thing that kills abrasives is not being worn out, but clogging leading to overheating and burning. If you keep the abrasive clean, it will work better and last a significantly longer time than it would otherwise.


Some interesting stuff coming out of this year’s AWFS (the biggie of the wood shows, Las Vegas)

The new Teknatool mini lathe (the Comet II) has a fascinating quick connection for additional accessories. Given the lathe is variable speed, it means this gives you variable speed for the accessories as well.

There is also a new Festool drill. It may not be brushless, but a Festool drill that is under $300 is pretty surprising, considering most are 2-3 times that! And that includes 3 different chucks.




And although Delta are no longer an American company (having been bought by the Taiwanese (?) manufacturer), they still have quite a few of the original company designers working on new products.

This one is a simple, and good idea for dust extractors- one that is actually easy to empty and return to function without stuffing around trying to get bands around a plastic bag. A simple lever to lift the lid, and the bin rolls out. Too many other dust extractor manufacturers opt for solutions that they haven’t had to think about, rather than coming up with a design that actually works with the user.


Teknatool Chucks

It would come as no surprise that the design team behind the DVR XP lathe would also have some pretty good designs for how to secure timber to that lathe. Now I’m not sure whether it was the chicken or egg for which came first, but in the end a quality chuck and a quality lathe is a great combination.

If you don’t have a Teknatool lathe, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. I’ve had a Jet mini lathe for a long time with a Nova G3 chuck (Nova is the primary product range from Teknatool). Once I got the DVR, I didn’t have to get a new chuck either- there are a whole range of inserts that fit into the back of the chuck to take the generic thread and provide one that is suitable for your lathe make & model.

I have both a G3 and Supernova2 (SN2) chuck. It is handy having more than one chuck- rather than having to interchange jaws all the time, you can have 2 (or more) of your most common jaw arrangements set up and swap chucks quickly and easily.


Whether it is pin jaws and power jaws or


Standard (50mm) jaws with mini cole jaws and the giant 130mm jaws, or any others from their range, there are plenty of combinations to choose between to suit how you work.

The Cole jaw is an interesting one, as it allows a near complete bowl to be mounted (or remounted) without damage so the base can be finished. In this case, I have combined it with the 50mm jaws (and I currently have the mini cole jaws, as they were the largest my previous lathe could mount). This allows you to turn a bowl with the 50mm jaws, then reverse mount it to finish the job without having to change jaws (or chucks).

There are a whole range of jaws available for the Nova chucks. I still find it amusing (and somewhat annoying) that even the largest jaws are dwarfed by the box they are supplied in. Makes storing the jaws between use a bit of a pain.


Guess I’ll have to come up with a different storage system. Might be a good excuse to come up with a dovetailed storage box, with drawers for each specific jaw. May have to have some large drawers at the bottom for the chucks that are not being used. Hmm- I feel a project coming on!

If you are looking for the Nova chucks and jaws, Carbatec carry the full range. Just waiting to see the Titan on their shelves!

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