It’s Alive…..ALIVE!!


Tonight, things became a much bigger deal! First with the assistance of the BlasterBoyz who came recently to assist lifting the machine into the workshop.


Then it was a matter of getting the software up and running


Didn’t take much! Once installed, the CNC was plugged into the computer, and the two had their first conversation.

It can move fast, very fast. And extremely slowly as needed. The stepper motors are huge, so even though the machine is heavy & solid, it moves very smoothly and accurately.

The spindle is also very quiet- no screaming routers here! Comes with 12 different collets for different diameter router bits.

Not much else achieved tonight- jogged the head around the limits of the table, starting to build the familiarity with the tool. Will study the UCCNC manual closely to get to properly understand how to use the software, and will be looking to make the first actual cuts over the weekend.

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  1. Woo hoo

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