World’s Second Look at New Triton Tools

This is the final release of the Australian Triton Catalogue, and there is now even more big news to be found within! There are a bunch of new tools, and some that were previously unannounced.

Big coup for Stu’s Shed – a World’s First look at the new tools about to be released by Triton! This post was originally published a couple of months ago, but for commercial-in-confidence reasons I was asked to delay the release. Given I had no particular concern about the content and the delay I was happy to comply with the request.


This is the image from the front cover, just the whet the appetite.

I haven’t seen any (other than the new saw, and even that I haven’t actually used, so cannot pass much comment at this stage). I’ll reserve judgement until I get to actually use these tools, but at least bringing it to you, because new tools are always cool!

235mm Precision Circular Saw

First off the rack is the replacement for the Triton 235mm 2400W Saw. Still comes with a 40 TCT blade, has a laser (not useful when in table mode), and the same microadjustments of the older saw.

305mm Double Bevel Slide Compound Mitre Saw

An interesting design, not dissimilar to the GMC version in the concept of the double bevel. Rather than having to turn the work to get the bevel in the other direction, this saw can tilt to 45 degrees to either side. To be able to achieve this, the motor itself is angled so it is out of the way when tilting to the right.

Unlimited Rebate Precision Planer

Interesting concept, the planer blade drum is supported at one end only, so you can get an unlimited depth of rebate. The guard rotates up, to the point that it clicks out of the way altogether.

Tri-Blade Planer

Stu’s Shed revealed this was in the USA about 6 months ago. When Triton bought out the earlier planer (now discontinued) I got to have a play with it, and always said this version should be the orange one in comparison.

Compact Planer

This is designed to be a one-handed planer. However for safety you still need 2 hands to start it.

1200W Belt Sander

This looks an interesting beast, and I am quite interested to get to see this one closer. I don’t use belt sanders much, but it’s nice to have a good one, so I’m curious about this one!

Dual Mode Random Orbital Sander

Orbital, and Random Orbital modes are available. There is already a finishing ROS, so I expect this is more stock removal than final finishing.

850W Dowelling Machine

One day, I hope this will be a domino, but I guess Festool still has that design locked down! For those who prefer dowels to biscuits. Think there should have been a handheld biscuit jointer as well, but that’s my opinion. ***Update – it is listed in there, but not available in NZ / Oz***

Biscuit Joiner

Lithium Rotary Tool Super Kit
LiIon Cordless

There is still a dremel-like rotary tool in the range, and now, like Dremel, there is a cordless version.

Ultimate Superjaws Portable Workstation Vice

This is an unusual one, and that it has the Superjaws name. I don’t know what to think of this one, so will reserve my judgement until I see it in person. Curious to see how it compares to the Superjaws.

I have no information on release dates or prices, but if you want more specs on any of these, drop me a comment, or email.

Saving a big one for last – have a look at the new Triton 1000W router

Very similar to its two bigger cousins, it is about 400g lighter, and appears to have all the features of the larger models. It is touted as being a handheld version of the other routers, so it will be interesting to see whether it feels as top-heavy as the bigger versions.

Both this one and the 1400W router are now depicted with the upgraded collet, so hopefully it means this is finally going to be available in Australia!

24 Responses

  1. So Stu…. do I look around for the cheap 1400w router or wait for the new 1000 watt version. ??
    Have the 2400 and an old Makita plus the 5 in 1 spinsaw kit… probably overkill getting yet another router.. but oh so tempting……

  2. If you can still find any for $99, then I’d grab that without a second thought.

  3. Regarding the Ultimate Superjaws – why have they dropped the footpedal locking system? This new Ultimate model is just a large conventional vice on legs.

    • It was done simply to stop a competitor’s product coming onto the market. Why in the world anyone thought it was a good idea to call it the “Ultimate” Superjaws is beyond me.

  4. Hello, it would want to know the cost of the engalletadora tool, whichever weight and if they shipping it to me to Bogotà Colombia. Thanks.

  5. Hello, it would want to know the cost of the biscuit tool, whichever weight and if they shipping it to me to Bogotà Colombia. Thanks.

  6. Ah – Nostalga – The tools that might have been.

  7. It would want to know where they located his stores in the United States and the directions could indicate me. thanks

    • But you are in Colombia. You want a shop in America. And you are asking a blog that is not a retail store in Australia.

      When do you get around to asking for my credit card details?

      • To save any more foreplay, here they are:

        Type: AustEx
        Name on Card: Kevin Rudd
        Number: 3328 4867 7266 3771
        CSN: 772-662
        Expiry: 30 Nov 2010

        Credit Limit: $91 mill

        • Good one stu, keep up the “rage”

        • And if anyone wonders where the numbers on the card come from – try working out what is said if you typed them into an SMS 😉

          Just remember, of the 10,600 comments this site has received so far, 9,700 were spam.

  8. Stuart, I’ve got a really old GMC planer that takes old style Makita blades. It never worked that well and when I went to fit a new set of blades the old ones wern’t parrallel with the edge of the rotor. The manual that came with it is useless. Do you have any tips for setting it up?

  9. Need a distr. S.A. JHB for triton THANKS.

  10. Hey all,

    I am in Canada and looking at a pretty good deal on the Triton Dual Bevel 15″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw. The price is great and comes with a bonus stand, but I don’t know much about this saw. I have done numerous Google searches and come up with next to nothing. Does anyone have comments or feedback on this saw? I don’t expect it to be on par with a Dewalt, Makita, or Hitachi that are twice the price, I just want to make sure it doesn’t have serious problems, either for reliabilty or the way it is built which would make it a bad performing machine.


  11. Hi Stuart,i am from South Africa.A couple of years ago Triton was introduced with all fury in South Africa,and because i knew the history of the tools,i started buying as quick as possible ,i really felt like a schoolboy with new toys!Then all of a sudden the tools started to disappear out of the hardware and tool shops and no one want or could give an explanation for the sudden slump.Recently i found out at one of these shops that Triton actually was declared bankrupt,but that someone else has taken over!!Is this true?I am a bit concerned,because in the last couple of years we have seen a couple of companies having problems.The biggest problem is,when you have a breakdown on a certain tool,whereto then?Everyone then just pull up their shoulders,that is so sad,i love my tools,which is worth a fortune,and i love working with my hands,but sometimes one tends to be become quite depressed with how things are turning out.

    Thanks for sharing on your website,i really enjoy all the info.

    See you in the workshop!!


  12. Except the planer, all will be issues this year.

    • Excellent, and given that this is a comment from Triton in China, and not Triton officially (real companies don’t use Hotmail), I guess it will all be Chinese power tools. GMC standard? Rebadges? What do we do with this news? Celebrate? It is the same as we are always told- something is coming sometime from somewhere (in China).

  13. […] around 1 Dec 08) one of the silent victims was the much anticipated baby Triton router (revealed here in June 08). However, 2 1/2 years later and finally I had much pleasure in pulling the shrink wrap […]

  14. My superjaws worked well for 10 years but now the rod that lock/unlock the jaw is worn and got lost.It isabout 9 mm diameter,has a slight bend at one end .Please help me to contact supplier in South Africa.

    • I am interested in viewing Triton products in Durban,South Africa. Have you been successful in tracing the South African representatives of triton ? Many thanks. Robin Morris

      • If you jump onto the Triton website these days you can enter a district/country, and it will give you the nearest dealer (worldwide).

        If that doesn’t help, you can use the site to contact the (new) parent company, now in the UK.

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