Doctor’s Orders

Was chatting to the doctor recently about various things (he’s always up for a bit of a unrelated chat about things, politics, state of the world, some of the things I’m getting up to, such as 3D printing and the like).  We got onto stimulants and relaxants, and he’s a firm advocate for the natural ones, particularly endorphins.

We explored it a bit further, and he suggested jogging is a particularly good one for getting a natural flood of endorphins through the system.

So I gave it a go.

Did quite a bit of jogging actually.  Some on the X-Axis, a lot on the Y-Axis (can get up quite a bit of speed on the Y-Axis – it is quite impressive), and even did some (p)lunges on the Z-Axis.

And you know, the Doc was right!  It was a real buzz jogging all over the place, especially seeing both how fast, and how delicate the operation can be.  Apparently, a daily regime is really good for you – I have no doubt.

Best thing is, I can go jogging remotely, leaving it all up to computer control while I relax in the spa with a beer.  Yes, life is good.


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