Tommy Gun Pen

Once the Tommy Gun pen kit & case arrived, I wasn’t going to waste much time putting it together. That case is seriously cool!

Kallenshaan Pen Kit & Case

The kit doesn’t come with the actual pen- it takes a standard Sierra Pen, which gives you plenty of choices for which kit you choose. In this case, I thought gun metal was entirely appropriate.

Sierra Pen Kit

The Kallenshaan kits have serious attention to detail. Everything down to the pin holding the stock to the gun, and the space around the trigger- amazingly fine detail. One part did not look like it would fit. With a solid push, it clicked perfectly into place. It is obvious every part is cut from a round source- they fit into the round pen blank as if they came from there, without any kerf, so either the laser cuts very fine, or the pieces are cut taking that into account.

Laying out the laser-cut parts

Once the individual parts are all in place, CA glue (thin) is flooded over the surface, and by using the thin CA it penetrates the full depth. This is important, as a lot needs to be turned and you don’t want to discover the parts suddenly becoming detached near the end of the turning.

Assembled Pen Kit

On the lathe, with sharp tools and careful turning, the pen is turned to the right size, then finished with EEE and then Ubeaut Glow. When using EEE, you have to be careful as it will tarnish the pen bushes, and this can be transferred to the wood if you burnish towards the timber rather than towards the bushes. Of course, you may just choose not to use EEE, but with care there is no need to avoid it.

Turned & Polished

It is a great looking kit and case, with that extra twist! There are actual violin pen kits, which would also look excellent with that case for obvious reason. Kallenshaan will also have shortly (if not already), a guitar case for the guitar kit, and a banjo case for a new banjo pen kit. Not sure what sort of case is needed for the Grand Piano kit!

Tommy Gun Pen & Case


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