An Evening with Stu’s Shed @ Carbatec

UPDATE: Carbatec have cancelled the entire “An evening with” programme, so the upcoming booking on September 1 has also been cancelled.

In the near future, Carbatec Melbourne are going to trial late night shopping on a Thursday evening – great news for those of us who struggle to get there during working hours, and don’t really want to make the trek on the weekend (when we could be in our sheds!)

As part of this, they are inviting speakers for the evening, and so on Sep 1, Stu’s Shed will be participating, with “An Evening with Stu’s Shed”

My question to you, is what would you be interested in having that evening be? (Or if you cannot make it, what would you want if you could, with the potential of having a camera roll so you can at least see what went on)

Do you want it casual, having a chat over a coffee, some form of presentation on a topic, showcasing a product (or product range), or perhaps a demonstration evening? A session where you get to use different tools under guidance?  If it is tools or technique, what specific subjects?

I’d like to make the evening as interesting for you, for you to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Fire your ideas into the comments, so I have plenty of time to prepare for whatever the evening is to become!

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