YHS Dust Masks

YHS (Your Health & Safety) have recently come up with further design improvements to two of their P2V dust masks (although with a P2V rating, dust isn’t all they can cope with!) which are worth mentioning.  For a disposable mask, these are impressively comfortable.

YHS P2V Dust Masks

I’ve been trying out both the DM20 and DM2000 models – one is cup shaped, and the other flat fold, but even that distinction between them is no longer valid, as the latest design of the DM20 (presumably an upgrade from the DM2) now also stores flat with a clever central seam.  Both still have the exhalation valve which decreases the likelihood of your breath escaping up into your safety glasses producing that pretty (and view restricting) fog/halo, and means the mask lasts longer as it doesn’t saturate with perspiration and breathing vapour.

My model is on strike!

The design of the DM20 in particular has significantly changed my opinion of the cup shape type of face mask – it is very comfortable, and both masks seal well on the face, without being uncomfortable, or unnecessarily tight.  The material used in both models is particularly soft, again adding to the overall comfort.

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