Recognising Woodwork

I was reading the New Zealand Herald on the iPad this morning, (keeps me in touch with NZ, and between the New York Times, NZ Herald and BBC, I get good world coverage, and unlike the Australian papers, none are stooping to getting you to subscribe for content that is already provided for free on their website) and came across a photo from the New Zealand version of Underbelly (not a show I watch- saw one and it was too amerturish for my liking, although I’ll make an exception when this NZ episode is on) that leapt out at me. The woodwork in the background was so familiar, it was like coming home.


Which in many ways was exactly what it was- this was from my home in New Zealand, when I was an Officer in the New Zealand Navy. The background is from the wardroom of one of New Zealand’s now retired Leander class frigates.


Seeing as Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury are all sitting on the bottom of the sea as divesites, and Southland was towed to Singapore to be turned into razorblades back in 2005, the wardroom from one of the ships must have been preserved. It isn’t Waikato, so I’d guess Canterbury, being the ship I am least familar with (typically, every ship produced in a class still have minor differences between them), and although the porthole cover holddowns looks right, the book racks and TV cupboard don’t to my eye.



I’d love a home bar, especially one extracted like this from my old floating home away from home.

So to Underbelly NZ, land of the long green cloud, (highlights the alternate meaning to the slogan “keep New Zealand green” ad campaign), thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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