My bank manager is getting angry

Woodpeckers – why do you continue to torment my bank manager so?

Why do you continue to bring out such innovative products so regularily, that we cannot keep up with the temptations?

Whether it be the One Time Tools, such as the SaddleT Squares


Or the newest Radius Quick Jig



I haven’t tried these yet, but they look such a fascinating concept- so innovative.

There are so many other recent additions as well, which has obviously grabbed people’s attention.

One I am definitely after, and have to wait for the next shipment (as the first disappeared too quickly!) is the router bit vice. Such a simple, and great idea. As soon as I saw it, I immediately recognised how it could be integrated into how I use my workshop. Router bits are the tool, rather than the router which is just a motor to do the ‘spinny thing’. So a tool that recognises that, and assists in maintaining the quality and integrity of the bits is a real winner.



More on that when the next ship arrives!

One thing you see when looking across the range- a consistent quality, a consistent styling, consistent attention to detail, and above all, innovative thought and design and finish that goes into all the tools.

In Australia, available from Professional Woodworker Supplies

Well is it Triton or not?

Following a trail from Twitter and a post by Marc (Wood Whisperer) to a blog he was reading, then across to Lee Valley to look at a strangely familiar wood rack.

Familiar, because I have three identical wood racks on my shed wall, which I know without a doubt that they were designed and made by Triton.

So this was curious


Who is Portamate, and what is their relationship to Triton? Are they rebadged? Copied?

I don’t have any answers- just another example of what happened to a once iconic Australian brand.

Triton woodracks are still available from Carbatec- if you don’t have a good timber storage system in your shed, they are definitely worth considering. I’d add another if I had some more wallspace to spare!

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