Rule Conversions

After an unexpectedly disrupted evening last night, I didn’t get to do what I was planning, either in the shed or on the blog.  Still interesting – dealing with the aftermath of a (small) fire at work.

So a short session in the shed today, and used the time to firstly grab some video detail of the DVR, before returning to the Torque Workcentre to reestablish it being able to fit my favourite Walko surface clamps.

Surface Clamps

With the drill mount, this was an easy task, and along with the T Track, gives me the maximum flexibility for clamping options. Sorting out the positions of the holes was a good opportunity to use the new rule stops from Woodpeckers.  These clamp onto your existing ruler, improving its versatility and repeatable accuracy.

Rule Stops

There are two sizes, one ideal for a standard steel rule, and the other particularly suited for the Woodpecker Rules.

They are easy to fit, remove, and reposition.  With one fitted, you get a consistent measurement from an edge, preventing a misreading affecting accuracy.  It also turns a standard rule into a T Square (although not as accurate as a dedicated one), good enough for this operation.

Used as a T Square

Used for consistent measurement from an edge

The design positively locks the rule into place, with typical Woodpecker’s precision.  As the clamp tightens, the rule is pulled down and jammed against the guides, so with only a little pressure in tightening the knurled ended threaded rod, the clamp locks solidly to the rule.

Clamping on

Note the angled contact area on top of the rule, forcing the rule down, as well as the normal sideways clamping pressure.

Guides and Threaded Rod

The same method is used when clamping the thinner, standard steel rule

Standard Steel Rule Clamp

So some very nice accessories that can be easily added to an existing rule, improving accuracy and ease of use. Available from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.


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