Tools should work for you, not the other way around

It was quite a while ago that for a number of complementary reasons, I moved the dust extractor into the little shed that is next to the workshop.  To revisit those reasons quickly, dust extractors tend to be noisy, even the best will likely leak fine dust to one degree or another, and they have quite a large footprint.

However, ever since moving it there has been one minor problem.  I can’t easily start and stop it, which very quickly results in it not getting used.  The tool is no longer working for me.

I have tried to get a remote starter for it – there is one made for the unit, but actually waving money around hasn’t resulted in it making an appearance, so time for a different tack.  First, I’ve given up on the remote starter (but not on remote starting…..) And second, I’ve started looking at an alternate unit.

There is one sold by Carbatec which is 2HP, not too tall, and is based around a large cyclone.

(Pictured is the 3HP version, which is significantly taller) Looks well designed.

Back to the remote starting.  Now I am not going into the fine details – if you are not experienced & trained with green steam, it is best to avoid it altogether and I am not about to encourage you to do so.  What I’ve done tonight is to remove the (no volt release) switch, and relocate it into the main shed.  This should finally give me what I need – at least at present.

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