Toy Plans

I’ve been looking through some plans that the “Roving Reporter” bought to my attention from Enjoy Making Wooden Toys.

Some interesting designs in there, and a kitchen set that looks quite similar to my original one (not saying either copied the other – it is a pretty logical design, and both look good 🙂 )

The bi-plane rocker is a cool concept – a rocker to start off with, but can be converted to a ride-on toy as the child grows, just by lifting it off the rocker base.  They haven’t, but you could take the idea one step further and have a number of different ride-ons that fit the same rocker base.

Image from Enjoy Making Wooden Toys website

Always found making toys is a really rewarding aspect to woodworking.

One day I’d really like to publish a book of my plans and designs.

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  1. Hi Stu if you like this ride on bi-plane than you should check out my ride on jet plane and train oh i allso have a bi-plane to take a look at hope to see you there.

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