Teknatool Confetti

If you occassionally buy a Nova chuck, insert or accessory, you often find what looks to be a piece of confetti in the box or bag. In the past, I thought this was just a bit of rogue packaging offcut that had slipped in. However, when I recently got a few items, and found the same dot in each, it dawned on me that it was deliberate, and looking closer at it (either not mentioned in the instructions, or I just missed reading them (not like me to miss reading an instruction book- oh wait, reading the manual is a breach of the sheddie’s code!)), that it was a small disc of leather about 3mm diameter.


It quickly occurred to me what it was for. Where grub screws are used, such as on the chuck where it affixes to the threaded insert, this small leather circle is meant to go down the hole, between the grub screw and the thread, protecting the thread from damage as the grub screw is tightened.

So now I know- small unmentioned pieces of red confetti is sometimes actually a deliberate inclusion! (Didn’t help that the disc was red, and so is the Nova packaging, adding to the assumption that it was a piece from the packaging- where a hole had been punched out or something.)

The grub screws are important – as much as it seems that because the thread is opposite to the normal lathe direction, so that the chuck will naturally tighten during operation, if you turn off the lathe and use the handwheel to rapidly slow the spinning work, the angular momentum of the work may be sufficient to cause the chuck to unscrew instead of slow. On the Nova DVR XP for example, the lathe also has the ability to be run backwards, which can be useful for some operations such as finishing, and this would also tend to cause the chuck to unscrew if not for the grub screw discouraging that.

So there you go, some useless trivia 😉

Did anyone else miss that small circle of leather, or was it just me?

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