Zeroing the Dust Filter

Decided it was high time to replace the filter in one of my air filtration units – the Microclene seemed significantly clogged and I hadn’t replaced the filter for a while.

Knowing when to replace the filter would be so much more useful than guessing if the filter is clogged.

There is a very simple way of measuring the filter performance.  A very expensive filter tester.  A sheet of A4 paper.

With the new filter in place, run the air filter, then stick the paper to the inlet.

Dust Filter Testing

Turn off the air filter, and time how long it takes for the paper to fall away.  In the case of this filter, it took 90 seconds before the paper fell away.  Halve this time and record it on the unit.  Whenever you want to confirm whether the filter is clogged enough to require replacement, repeat the test and if it takes less than this new time for the paper to drop, the filter is toast.

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