Shed Layout

Going to throw it out there – if you are interested in helping me design the shed layout, I’d be most interested in your ideas!

To start, these are the shed dimensions.  The location of the roller door is pretty much fixed (won’t fit anywhere else), but all other doors and window can be shifted at this stage.  There needs to be one door accessing the rear triangular area, and I do want a door accessing the back of the shed.

Finalised Shed Design

Finalised Shed Design

Inside, there are columns to compete with, which are fixed in place.  The slab design shows a pillar directly in the middle of the roller door, but I am doubting that is actually needed!  Pretty pointless if it is – if this shed was for a vehicle, you’d have to split the car (or boat) in two to get it inside!



The door in the 9’10” wall only needs to be in one of the two 9’10” walls, move as suitable!

I’ve been using the Grizzly Shed Designer website – if you know of something better, I’d be keen to hear!

This is one design I have come up with, but I’m sure it isn’t as good as it could be.

Shed Layout?

Shed Layout?

So some specifics.  The tablesaw is the TS10L (discontinued), and has a long wing on the right.  It needs in and outfeed, but also room to the lefthand side for long items (at least until I get a Kapex). There is a router table which is about 680mm wide, and 1000mm long.  Infeed and outfeed is across the shorter width, as the Incra LS Positioner extends down the length.

There is a workbench – 1500×800, and the Torque Workcentre 2500×800 (the lathe on top of the workbench represents the overhead arm).

A 15″ thicknesser, a 6″ longbed jointer, a drill press.

There are 2 bandsaws, one a 17″ Carbatec which is used for resawing, and a 14″ Jet for small items (no outfeed required).

A Triton spindle sander, and a disk sander/linisher.  There are three lathes showing.  One is the DVR XP, one is the Nova Comet II, and the third is a Jet Mini, but this one will be used to hold three buffing wheels, so is part of the sanding section.

As far as the rest, I’m not showing any timber storage as it will either be on the mezzanine, or stored elsewhere.  The dust extractor and air compressor will be in a nearby shed, and can either be located in the triangular section (top left), or at the back, or alongside the shed at the right – your choice.  I’m not showing any storage at the moment – either suggest what you will, or have a look at older photos of the workshop to see what I have been using in the past.

So that’s the general scope – questions to refine the issues welcome.  Hope someone can come up with a plan that really works!


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  1. That shed is 5 metres tall and right on the neighbours fence.

    I assume they are ok with this? What of the sun, does it shadow their yard?

    • 2.4m on the boundary – fully compliant with council regs (unlike structures on their properties as it happens). The 5m section is a minimum of 3m from the boundary on one side, and 2m on the other.

  2. Me again. I was thinking of the pix from the old shed. There was stuff *everywhere*… How about a few shelves?

    • Wherever the designs show them 🙂 There is also 12m2 of mezzanine that will be storage, and removing the vast majority of timber storage from the main shed will have a significant impact on how overloaded the storage becomes.

      Any space-saving storage methods are welcome to be factored into the designs as well.

  3. Had you thought about trying sketchup?
    There are a lot of woodworking tools available in the 3d warehouse. The plus is then you could do a walkthrough in 3d – anything that wasnt available as a model could be mocked up with some basic structures. Good way to also check the locations of doors and windows to see if you are really happy with them.

    • Haven’t thought about it seriously – not enough time to master yet another thing! When I first looked at Sketchup (many years ago now), I was still actively working with AutoCAD, and it was no comparison. I’m sure the product has matured immensely in the meantime.

      If someone familiar with the program would like to model up the shed, I’d sure be interested in seeing what it was capable of these days (and what the walkthrough would look like!)

  4. You have drawn a standard gable shed with 2 skillion roofs so the program has left the end column in place, this column is to support the centre of the sheeting girts that would have been there without the lean-to, it will be still be required at the 13″1′ end to support the girts at that location. the program has also left the double columns on this wall that are not required either. You could get rid of the other column but it would require a truss to span that side of the shed, not impossible but costly, well worth getting a price because this column will annoy you forever. If I was building this shed for myself I would run the gable from end to end with one skillion on the side but maybe the regs at your location don’t allow this

    • Think I’ve been pushing the limits of the design (software). Not sure if there is any option to make such modifications without incurring a substantial engineering fee.

      Will most likely work with the design as supplied, and hope it doesn’t cause too much of a layout compromise.

  5. Also the intermediate columns on the side lean-to will not be required either and yes, I used to be a shed builder before I become a shed dweller 🙂

  6. Would a cement pad and an awning be a worthwhile addition in front of the front roller door?
    To provide an outside under cover working area.

    • It isn’t a bad idea, but this design eats up as much of the backyard that I am prepared to allow it (and then some). Opening the roller door will be as much of an outdoor working environment that I will have, other than working on the grass 🙂

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