Stu’s Darkroom

Took me a while to get around to setting up a photographic website again – longer than you’d expect actually, and in part it is the reason Stu’s Shed exists at all.

I even meant to start 1 Jan, but it took most of January for me to do so.

Back in 1999, made my first real moves to digital photography, setting up my first website and scanning images into the computer, primarily through Kodak’s now defunct Photo CD format.

After a while it became to cumbersome to continue – or in other words I got sick of writing HTML.  I made another half hearted attempt a couple of years back, but still my mistake was relying too heavily on processing the images with borders and titles and the like before uploading.

Stu’s Shed was originally a test bed for a new photographic site and became so successful that it became the focus (and will still remain so).  However, from lessons I’ve learned from this, I’ve created a new website, called Stu’s Darkroom where I am intending to publish a photo a day, either taken recently, or from my archive of well over 40,000 images.

If you choose to visit, cool, if not that’s cool as well – it is somewhere for me to actually have the images in the public arena, rather sitting in a virtual drawer. I’ve been adding comments for each image as well, sometimes on the technical info for the shot, sometimes on the thoughts behind it.  There are a month of images there already, dating back to 1 Jan 2010 (the images themselves date back as far as 1989 or so at this stage).

Topics are all over the place, but I have quite a lot of naval photos, natural history and landscapes, so they will probably make up the majority of photos.  Who knows – will see where the website goes 🙂

USS Lake Champlain

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