Spring Clean

I find that a really good time of year to “Spring Clean” is actually at the start of the year. For those in the Northern Hemisphere it may be even more suitable, with short days, long nights and more inclement weather, but even so, starting a new year with a clean slat seems more inspiring than a bunch of rarely enacted resolutions.

So, that is what I have been doing. Yeah, a bit boring for an article, but it really adds to the whole shed experience when eveything in there is working with, rather than against you.

I had some less than favourable comments away back about my blue modular storage bins, but they still allow me to segregate out all the different consumables nails and screws, bright galv blued etc, and all the different sizes. How do others deal with them? Or do you not maintain a wide range of sizes, types and finishes?

For example, I have a whole range of steel screws, from about 16mm to over 75mm, in 4, 6, 8 and 10g (where appropriate). Another stack zinc coated, another in brass (and no, I don’t have a comprehensive range, but I’d still have at least 20 different varieties), and the same again in nails- bullet, flat, timberloc, in bright and galv finished. Am I the only one to maintain such a varied collection, and particularly to keep it as sorted? I was out there (The Shed), watching a couple of movies, while using a Dymo to properly label the different containers.

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