It’s an Ideal Festool 2010

Firstly, the next addition to my collection will be available soon – the ETS 150/5 eccentric sander in systainer.  It comes with a bonus 50 disks, and I’ve ordered the other bonus which is another 100 disks at 1/2 price.  To keep them all neat, I’ve also decided on the systainer with insert for sanding disks.  After using the Domino for a while, and having the consumables in their own systainer keeping everything neat and sorted, I think it is worth applying that same logic to other tools that I get.  Who knows what other green machines I’ll find myself tempted by before this year is out!

It also means that I qualify to get a cooltainer for $20 (which is a systainer lined with insulation so it becomes an esky) – that deal ends in a few days fwiw.

While on the topic of Ideal Tools, I just found this image on their site of a previous Domino course (and it looks to be the one I was on – that’s me at the far left)

Festool Domino Course at Ideal Tools

I also noticed they have a number of other courses on offer this year – one I was eagerly anticipating (the Krenov Inspired Cabinet course), the courses I did do (the Domino 1/2 day, and the Hall Table (I’m just waiting for the 150/5 so I can finish mine – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking by it!)), as well as their chair course.

Along with the Krenov course, there are some new ones to be on offer – Nakashima inspired Conoid chair making, Box making, and one on making a Cheeseboard (after seeing what Lazy Larry in Brisbane turns out, cheeseboards can be an incredible showcase of timbers), and Japanese Stylised Meditation Bench.  This is one that I saw the prototype being made (and finished) while I was on the Hall Table course.  A very simple design that really showcases the timber, and has a particular feature in the two legs attach to the bench with a sliding dovetail that is so tight that not only does the bench require no glue, but once the legs are in place, they will never come apart!

Meditation Bench

To get each leg into place, we used the 4 tonne power of the Frontline clamps to squeeze the leg along the sliding dovetail.

Check out Ideal Tools’ courses here.

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