Taking Measure

There is a bit of a push to get Wixey digital technology incorporated into the Torque Workcentre – something I will be working on prototyping in the near future.  While thinking about how I use the different Wixey readouts, particularly on the tablesaw, it occurred to me that in situations where I don’t need the extra digital accuracy, I set the fence position by the standard scale on the fence.

That got me thinking that one thing I’ve needed, is the simple addition of a rule for each of the axis.  There are some stick-on rules available (I was hoping for a magnetic one, but never mind!), so that has been added to the machine.

Original Torque Arm

Arm with Addition of Applied Rule

I’ve set it very low to make room for the Wixey.  I’ve also set it on the back side of the arm simply because of the TWC label on the front.  I may not use it much with the carriage itself, but with the two stop it will be ideal.

Close-up of Rule

I think it looks awesome – very functional.  I have no doubt it will prove itself when used for an actual job.

Rule Applied to X Axis

I’ve also added a rule to the entire length of the X Axis. I placed it where the stops are used.

Close-up of X Axis

Incra Track

I’ve also been investigating the use of the Incra fence as a fence for the table, using the Incra Stops for the work.  Some more research required.

Triton Steel Cutter Fence Rule

One last note: one other direction I was (and may still) investigate, is the use of a tape measure, attached to (perhaps) the X-Axis carriage.  This is a technique I saw and was impressed by from the design of the Triton Steel Cutter.  The original part is seen here.

The end of the tape measure was wound around a holder (on the right), and that allowed calibration of the system (winding more, or less on to calibrate accurately.  The other end (the body of the tape measure) was attached to the movable stop, so it continually, and accurately measured the distance to the blade.

I’m still particularly inpressed with the stick -on rule though!

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