Elvis Was Here

No kidding. A bit off topic, but useful never-the-less. Elvis has a company AER Appliances, which does emergency repairs of appliances.

Simply enough, this is a big (completely unpaid) endorsement. I’ve had Elvis out in the past for a dishwasher, a washing machine, and this time for the fridge (not something you want to fubar on a 40C day!)

He turns up on time (and every time I’ve needed him, same day), knows the machines, quickly and accurately diagnoses the problem, and fixes it on the spot.

And charges very reasonably to boot. On more than one occasion, he’s solved a problem over the phone, which didn’t make him a cent, but it just adds to my impression that he’s charging, and not gouging.

I don’t know Elvis other than through the repairs he’s done for me, so if you are SE Melbourne/ on the Peninsula and have a faulty cooker (elec/gas), fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer etc, I’ve no problem recommending you call Elvis.

9590 9303

But don’t make him so busy that he can’t help me next time I need him – he’s MY repair guy!! 🙂

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