Torque Distributor for Victoria

I guess from recent articles that you’ve been able to determine my opinion of the Torque Workcentre!  With the Christmas madness coming to an end for another year, I’m going to (please, hopefully), have some more time to get some new videos made, and the Torque will definitely be featured in some of those!

In the meantime, Professional Woodworkers Supplies is now a distributor of the Torque Workcentres, which potentially opens all sorts of interesting doors with amalgamation of products from Torque, Woodpeckers, Incra and Wixey.  Something that will benefit all Torque owners (and potential owners) – taking the exceptional versatility of the Torque, and merging it with the incredible accuracies achievable with the other brands.  I’ve been touching on how it may be incorporated, but having fully developed solutions would be excellent.

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